Beth Lavis


A recent Dance Studies graduate from Middlesex University, London. Currently, pursuing a career in the health, fitness and wellness industry. 

Qualified as a: Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor and a Level 5 Sports and Exercise Nutritional Adviser currently living and working in London, UK as a Leisure Associate. Currently studying Level 3 Personal Training and Level 5 Sports Massage. Planning to spend the next few years gaining more qualifications and experience within the industry in order to settle down. A dedicated foodie, particularly interested in motivation techniques associated with leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Key areas interested in increasing the knowledge of are Dance and Sports Science. A Masters degree in either one is part of the overall goal.

A regular gym-goer, swimming most days of the week whilst enjoying participation of a variety of sports and physical activities.

**Please note that I am not claiming to be a professional and any advice you do take from my site is at your own consequence. I post for enjoyment, sharing my motivation, journey and experiences with those who are interested.**

Protein I have:
USN Diet Whey Isolean: Strawberry Cheesecake (454 g = £8.20)
USN Diet Whey Isolean Protein: Cookies and Cream (1kg = £19.40)
PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Protein Powder: Belgian Chocolate (1kg = £16.95)
Gold Standard: Cookies and Cream (2.27kg=£47.95)

BCAA I take:
My Protein BCAA PlusTablets (90 = £9.99)

Pre-Workout I’m currently using:
USN B4 Burn Thermogenic Pre-Workout: Pink Lemonade (345g = £26.53)
My Protein MyPre: Raspberry Lemonade (500g=£23.99)


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